Make a Reservation


Please read before you begin your booking at Villa:

  • Villa International is not a full-service hotel. If you require a lot of amenities and personal service, Villa is not for you.
  • The reservation system does not recognize gender, so it might place you in a shared room that is not available. We will match you with an appropriate room if there is one available or put you on a wait list. 
  • You must book a minimum of three nights to stay at Villa.
  • We do not allow reservation changes less than 14-days prior to arrival.
  • Do not make multiple reservations if you are on the wait list. We will work to fit you in if possible and availability changes daily. The system might show inappropriate availability. If you make multiple reservations for the same time period, we reserve the right not to place you at Villa.
  • Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from Villa. This booking is request for a room, not a guarantee.
  • Villa is a nonprofit which supports international guests in Atlanta. Please do not book a room if you are an American citizen.
  • You are booking a bed, not a room. Please be sure all guests are included in your reservation.

Many guests underestimate the time it takes to find an apartment in Atlanta. We encourage you to book AT LEAST a month for this process and often are not able to extend the stays of guests who do not book enough time.